Experience God

In order to really experience WHO God is and all the amazing things He can do, we need to:

1)  GIVE what we don't already have. So often we only give whatever is extra or from our leftovers.  Rarely do we give in such a way that we are sacrificing our own things for others.  Until we start to give by faith, believing that we are blessed in order to bless others, we will never truly experience the wonderful ways that God wants to provide for us as His children.

2)  SPEAK when we don't know what to say.  God gives us plenty of opportunities to share His love and the message of the Gospel with other people.  All too often we remain silent, not knowing how to bring the conversation around to spritiual matters.  The great things about God is that when He is with us, we don't always have to know what words to say.  Sometimes we just have to open our mouths and allow Him to speak through us.  He wants to give us words and speak for us...but we will never experience all He can say through us if we don't have the faith to open our mouths.

3)  SPEND TIME with God and with others when we have other things to do.  This can be a difficult one because we are all so busy.  We all have lists, and tons of stuff to do everyday...and because of that, we are often tempted to only give to God and others the 5 minutes that we can manage to sqeeze in here and there.  We need to put God and others before our own needs, believing that God's strength will still allow us to accomplish all we need to.  Put God first, and you will experience the ways He can rearrange your schedule and energize you to accomplish more...and you will still have time leftover in your day!

Maybe we aren't seeing the spectacular things that God can do because we aren't giving Him any room to move.  If we only give what we already have, speak when we already know what to say, and spend our leftover time on God and others, we are doing everything in our own strength and not depending on God for anything.  We need to truly believe that God IS our provider, that He can speak through and for us, and that He is so in control of everything that all we need to do is trust him with our crazy schedules...and then act on that faith.  When we allow faith to guide our words and actions, we will experience God as never before!

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