What I Learned at Kids' Camp

Wow, there is so much to write...I hardly know where to start.  But I do know one thing.  If I don't write now, I may never write again!

So, it's been a long time since I've posted regularly on this blog.  I've missed sharing with you, but what can I say?  Doing 8 ministry events in 7 weeks leaves little time for much else...so blogging had to rest along with the piles of clean laundry that I was neglecting to fold (and the only reason there was any clean laundry in the first place was because my husband did it)!  Today we finally had a break.  With the help of my amazing family we actually managed to get that laundry folded and put away...and something about the new, uncluttered feel to my bedroom inspired me to blog tonight.  I guess I will try to recap, a blog at a time, some of the things that have transpired since I last wrote.

We held a 24-hour Kids' Camp at the church at the end of April.  It was crazy- 30 kids to 2 adults- but we were determined to make it happen, and it was so much fun!  The theme of the camp was "Conquering the Land" based on the book of Joshua and the story of the Israelites conquering the Promised Land.  The first story that I taught was a story that I had heard many times before...the story of the 12 spies that Moses sent into the Promised Land the first time around.  The people of Israel were ready to enter the land that God had promised to them, but Moses sent 12 spies to investigate first.  When the spies returned to the Israelite camp, 2 of them were confident that God was with them and would give them the land that He had promised.  An overwhelming 10 of the spies were actually scared.  All they saw were a powerful people with strong, fortified cities, and they forgot that God was ever with them.  Because the people of Israel chose to listen to the opinion of the 10 spies instead of listening to the 2 that were trusting in God, God told the Israelites that they would wander in the desert for another 40 years.  This story has always resounded strongly to me for several reasons, but tonight I will just mention one.  The power of the majority.  Peer-pressure.  It's a little amazing and at times scary how we can be persuaded to do something that we know is wrong and justify it by saying, "Everyone else is doing it!"  We allow popular opinion convince us to adopt new philosophies and ideals instead of following the Word of God.  The voice of the two spies is drowned out by the 10, the voice of Truth is dulled by the roar for pleasure and convenience.  The message works for anyone, any age, any job.  The kids at the camp heard it and were challenged to be among the 2 spies...often the minority, yet the ones who will be able to look at the circumstances and still say, "God is GREATER, and He is with me."  I was challenged once again not to be swayed by popular opinion, or to allow other people's concerns dictate my actions.  The majority isn't always correct.

Apply this truth to your life.  No matter the circumstances, God is GREATER.  People will try to tell you that there is no hope.  That you don't have any other choice under the circumstances.  The general consensus seems to be that we are in control of our own destiny.  If it makes you happy, if you want it, do it.  Go for it.  There's nothing more important that your happiness.  Your convenience.  Your desires.  Instead of believing that you are IT, the you are the be-all and end-all to everything, that the only things you can accomplish are because of your talents and abilities, believe that God is GREATER and that He is with you.  Allow God's Word to challenge your thinking, and believe that the impossible to you is possible with Him.  I'm sure the Israelites felt just sick when they realized that their unbelief was the reason they were wandering the desert for another 40 years instead of in the beautiful land that God had prepared for them.  What kind of blessings could my unbelief be keeping me from experiencing?  I would much rather be reveling in God's blessings than wandering the desert.  God, please help me to be among the 2 spies...to believe that you are GREATER and that you are with me, no matter the circumstances!