Busy is a Blessing

So many people see being busy as something negative.  I guess it IS negative if we let the busyness control us...but when WE learn to control the busyness, it is really a huge blessing.  It's amazing what God allows us to accomplish when we dig our heels in and get to work.  There are so many people we can bless, events and projects we can plan and execute...seeing others smiling is often reward enough for our labor.  So, how can we learn to control the busyness?  We learn to PRIORITIZE!

1) Relationship with the Savior has to be first.  No matter how long we've had a relationship with the Lord, there is always room for growth.  Working in the ministry, it can be easy to replace our personal relationship with God with all the stuff we are busy doing for him.  Doing stuff for him is nice, but it is no subsitute for being in an intimate relationship with Him.  I want to KNOW his voice, I want to FEEL his heart, I want to BASK in his presence.  I need Him to be my first thought every morning, my last thought at night, and the One I run to during the day to share every joy and all my pain.

2) Family HAS to be next in line.  In my case, that means my husband and my kids.  Now, getting time alone with my husband is nearly impossible in the life that we are living.  We are seldom separated but always surrounded by others...and at times it feels like we are living in a glass house.  We are always on display, it seems, and everyone is watching us, expecting us to set a good example, and sometimes even waiting for us to mess up.  It is especially hard on our kids because they are still too young to understand all the implications of our ministry.  So, we have to carve out time, even create time, for us to be together, to enjoy each other.  Often the best time we spend together is spontaneous, so when we have a moment, we try to make the most of it.  We need to be united as a family before we even consider ministry to others!  Even if it takes a little extra effort, reminding my husband in word and in deed that I love him and support him, is always worth it.  Strengthening our marriage is the best thing we can do for our kids- when they see us united, they'll want to be united with us.  Taking time out for them, no matter how tired we are, is a blessing to all of us.  Seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter, and receiving lots of bear hugs and wet kisses is better than anything else we could possibly be doing!

3) People who still need to know Christ drive us to do what we do.  We work long hours, but it's energizing to know that what we are doing has eternal results.  Even if there are just a few results...they will still last for all eternity!  No matter what line of work we are in, seeing eternal results can always be our goal.  What we see in front of us, the here and now, will pass away.  But if we can share with someone about Christ, if we can live our lives as a testimony to others of what God can do, if we can focus on the eternal instead of the present, suddenly no cost seems too great.

It's time to see our busyness as a blessing instead of a curse.  If God is with us, and our priorities in order, it can be an amazing adventure, more exciting than anything we could have ever dreamed of!

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