Rest in Him

Rest in Him.

Rest in His love for you,
which is so great that you can't even imagine
the depths of it.

Rest in knowing that
there is nothing that can surprise Him.
He holds it all in His hands.

Rest in His mercy,
His tender care of you and all your desires,
all your needs.

Rest in His incredible grace,
which makes us worthy even though
we are not.

Rest in the fact that
He alone is God and there is no other.
Beginning and end.

When we have doubts,
unanswered questions and cloudy horizons,
He remains.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

He knows
the unknown future and present heartache,
and He is not afraid.

His plan for you
is on the path He set out long before
you knew Him.

He is working,
all things according to His perfect,
unique purpose.

Only He knows
the end result, the final materpiece,
and it makes Him smile.

He sees.
What you can't.

Rest in Him.

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