Please Him

Somedays, like today, can be an emotional and mental workout for ministers of the Gospel.  We are working in some very small towns in Michoacan, and the people here tend to be very sensitive to...just about everything.  It is extremely hard to please them, so while we want to make them feel loved and cared for, we've learned over the years that it's impossible to please everyone.  The only One we need to please is our Lord, so we try to focus on pleasing Him and wanting the things He wants...and then hoping that at least some of the people will join us in seeking after Christ.

We must please God above all else.  We need to live our lives in such a way that He is the center of every thought, attitude, and action.  The simple truth is that no one, no matter who they are, can please everyone.  We often are even too capricious to know how to please ourselves.  But pleasing God, well that's easy in comparison.  His expectations and His love for us never change...and it's all written down for us in His Word so that we won't ever forget it

So, how do we please our Lord God, the Maker of heaven and earth?  We humble ourselves before Him on a daily basis.  We recognize that we can't and only He can.  We seek Him and His righteousness first, above all else.  We realize that all we accomplish is by His grace alone.  God is delighted when we draw near to Him, when we make KNOWING Him intimately our goal.  When love for our Savior is the motivation behind everything we do...pleasing Him becomes an easy thing to do.

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